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Diba Fiberglass Company over view

In 2005, Diba Fiberglass Company with 14 million dollars as authorized capital has been established to generate a unit of fiberglass production which has been planned in four phases to reach the given purpose and to introduce with production process and consumer market

First phase, in the field of commercial, it has been tried to corporate widely with CPIC company in China in order to branding and acquiring part of fiber consuming market in Iran. Luckily, due to providing desirable services and selling qualified products, Diba Fiberglass Company is confirmed by consumers as a strong supplier in Iran

Second phase, a land with 120 000 square meter of area was prepared to perform initial plan of building factory as well as establishing equipped halls and stores. Then assembly line of Chopped Strand Mat with 7000 tons capacity has been bought and installed through CPIC; and of course production from this line was also supported by consumers

Third phase, as for long history of Diba Fiberglass Company in field of producing polyethylene pipes and creating credit in water and wastewater industries in Iran, they have planned to enter to composite industries and produce pipes and GRP connections. Two discontinuous GRP pipe lines with 10 000 tons capacity have been bought from CPIC by Diba Fiberglass Company and then have installed and operated; it is clear that promotion and development of specialist human resources is the first priority as well as the process of equipping factory

Forth phase, manufacturing machinery and services related to produce GRP pipe has been localized in the factory site and for the first time in Khuzestan province a sample of produced machineries by Diba Fiberglass Company was installed and became operational

By achieving this success, Diba Fiberglass Company has become a producer of GRP pipe producing companies


Final phase, considering the aforesaid achievements and attracting governmental contributions, Diba Fiberglass Company has taken upon itself to produce fiberglass followed by resins consumed in composite industry and also manufacturing of composite components by various methods. Such objective can become the beginning of our association with multinational companies